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due to both. Format▓ion of the Lines of Battle at Waterloo ▓17th June 1815. Thus was Water▓loo fought, and lost, and won.“Al▓l might have failed, but for the as●tonishing staunchness of the English and● German infantry in Wellington 癔s army.Nothing, in war or in peace, is so t


ry▓ing to the nerves as passively▓ to await deadly peril, making no effort to ave●rt it.And never probably in war was grea●ter strain of this nature put upon troops, ▓than fell on Alten’s and Picton’s di●visions at Waterloo.The Guards● and Hanoverians who held Hougomont had more▓


prolonged and exciting conflict▓, the heavy cavalry did magnific▓ent service: to Maitland’s Brigade, and still ●more to the 52nd, belongs the conspicuous glor●y of having given the last crushing b▓low.But, after all, the chief honour belongs▓ to the English brigades of Halkett, Kem